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ABOUT Coral Designs
Coral Designs offer the best kitchen, bedroom & bathroom products to UK Showrooms and Distributors
Coral Designs A little, of what we are all about......

With decades of experience in the UK & European kbb market, the products offered are just that bit different from the normal ranges available everywhere.
Nic Design bathrooms with Italian flair and colours!

Bathroom mirrors and accessories from La Progetto

From Megius, an all glass shower cubicle, the Icona.
The World famous orange, Bertone Designed, Lamborghini Miura has inspired a range of unique kitchen furniture from Biefbi, called MIAMI. 
· Kitchen Furniture.....Biefbi Cucine & British Taps

· Bathroom.......suites, showers etc. from NIC Design, Megius, La Progetto.

· Miscellaneous....Corian, Flooring, Glass, Effepi, Mel..... 

Biefbi Cucine
Biefbi is a quality kitchen manufacturer with ranges driven by design. Showrooms are being sought to display and sell these kitchens. If you want more details, contact details are at the foot of this page.
Megius/NIC Design/
As with Biefbi these manufacturers also want showroom and distributor representation. They produce top quality and in some cases, hand finished pieces. The Megius hard back catalogue is 490 pages long, a huge range.
Due to the the single piece nature of these producers, it is highly likely that local or national distribution would be suitable. Again, contact details are below.

Biefbi Timo Evolution
Biefbi Cucine
Biefbi Cucine - stunning modern designs.
Megius Wellzone
Megius - Shower doors, trays, cubicles and complete Wellness cabins.
Villeroy & Boch kitchen sink
Items include Flooring, Taps, Waste Disposal Units, Bathroom Mirrors, Lighting, Glass and solid surfaces such as Corian.
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Contact Details

Tel : 029 2125 1927

Mob: 07775 798566
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